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Computer Aided Surgical Modeling Services

With the advanced medical image analyzing equipment and the rapid prototyping (3D printing) system, the

Computer Aided Surgical Modeling Laboratory (CASMLab) in Orthopaedic Learning Centre can readily manufacture 3D bone models for clinical application and research programs. Collaborating the input from clinicians and engineers, patient specific surgical instruments can be designed and fabricated by the 3D printing system using sterilizable and biocompatible materials.


* Image Measurement and Analysis

* Surgical Simulation

* PSI Design

* Prosthesis Design

* Quantified Surgery

* Bone Model Manufacturing

* Surgical Trial

Image Measurement and Analysis

Surgical Instrument Manufacturing

PSI / Prosthesis Design

International Symposium on the Applications of 3-D Printing (Rapid Prototyping) in Orthopaedics   

* Workflow

* On-line Communication Platform for Surgeons and Engineers


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