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Orthopaedic Surgery is a fast-advancing and ever-expanding field.

The challenges to orthopaedic surgeons are to keep abreast with the cutting edge of knowledge in basic science and clinical practice, to master skills in sophisticated equipment and instruments, and communicate effectively with other healthcare professionals.

The aim of our expertise is to provide a high standard of orthopaedic care to our community. The success of orthopaedic management, particularly surgery, lies on the teamwork of experienced surgeons, nurses and allied healthcare professionals, together with a number of support that are made available by the medical and related fraternities.

The first of its kind in Hong Kong, OLC was established initially as an innovative and comprehensive training centre to provide facilities and expertise in training our surgeons. Through years of development and advancement, the centre is evolving into an extensive unit offering more than training and education to surgeons, nurses, allied health professionals and the community. Along with diverse professional teaching activities, we offer fall and fracture prevention programs to community dwellers, master program to graduates and research programs to postgraduate students. In addition, we conduct various research activities directly related to better patient care, and provide computer-aided surgical planning and modeling services to surgeons and researchers. Our further advocacy is our active participation in the establishment of the local Fragility Fracture Registry that provides an auditing system of outcomes for clinicians to critically review the safety and effectiveness of treatments, and serves as a benchmark for standard care for every serving surgeon and clinician in managing fragility fractures. By and large, we strive to serve the needs and enhance the well-being of the patients of Hong Kong, China as a whole, and even the wider world community, with our tenet to learn and practice to serve better.

Equipped with the latest information technology, audio-visual setups, a state-of-the-art Bioskill Laboratory, cutting edge Computer Assisted Orthopaedics Laboratory and Computer Aided Surgical Modeling Laboratory, OLC can provide the following services:

  1. Hands-on bioskill training for surgeons in sub-specialties such as trauma surgery, joint replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgery, hand and microsurgery, spinal surgery, paediatric surgery, and other essential orthopaedic procedures.
  2. Relay of live surgery. Our surgeons in training can observe and simulate the live surgery experience with super quality audio-visual transmission via the optical fibre connected to the operating theatre.
  3. Pre-operative planning, simulations and post-operative assessments for surgical procedures such as joint replacements, fracture fixations, tumor resections and reconstructions, spine and arthroscopic procedures.
  4. 3D Printing objects such as patient specific instruments, implants, bone models, surgical tools and parts for clinical applications and research programs. 3D printing enables exact replica of patient's bone and thus the pathologies which are best for preoperative planning, feasibility trials and the fabrication of patient specific surgical instrumentation.
  5. Comprehensive Fragility Fracture Management Program, including community health care and fall prevention scheme, assessment service and referral, low magnitude high frequency vibration therapy, fall prevention shoes and hip protector.
  6. Fall prevention educational talks to increase the public awareness towards the serious consequences of elderly falls and fractures and the adoption of appropriate fall preventive measures. Regular training workshops for related professions and volunteers are organized in the centre to facilitate skill and knowledge transfer to serve the elderly at large.
  7. Venues and facilities for holding meetings, lectures and seminars.
  8. Telemedicine which can deliver learning materials to other overseas organizations and provide the opportunities for surgeons with different talents to interact with each other.
  9. The extensive Intranet and Internet enables the centre to provide useful information and help establish a comprehensive resource centre in our field.

Our centre is thus a ground-breaking venture to achieve team building, improve learning motivations, and assimilate advanced technologies into clinical practice.