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In August 2009, asteroid 73199 received the appellation ‘Orlece’ (ORthopaedic LEarning CEntre) from Internaional Astronomical Union. The orbital and physical details of ‘Orlece" can be accessed from the minor planet database in NASA website.


The official citation about OLC's asteriod is :

(73199) Orlece = 2002 JY12

The Orthopaedic Learning Centre of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology in the Chinese University of Hong Kong was established in 1999. Our mission statement ‘Learn and Practice to Serve Better’, We are committed to provide comprehensive medical education to the orthopaedic communities both locally and internationally.

The orbitals of planets are represented by white lines, while that of the asteroid 73199 is represented by a blue line. The bright white line indicates the portion of the orbit that is above the ecliptic plane, and the darker portion is below the ecliptic plane. Likewise for the asteroid orbit, the light blue indicates the portion above the ecliptic plane, and the dark blue indicates the portion below the ecliptic plane.


Asteroid of OLC ‘Orlece’