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Computer Aided Surgical Modeling Service


1. Job Discussion

Our technicians suggest tailor-made services to the applicant, for instance, software (Mimics, 3-matic, OsiriX, Solidworks) and hardware (Rapid Prototypic machine and Navigation system).

2. Preoperative Planning

Various types of services can be provided by combining the hardware and software mentioned before.

(i) Image 3D Reconstruction

CT and MRI segmentation and 3D reconstruction can be performed in OLC. Image re-slicing in different viewing axes is also provided. Segmented images and 3D documents in different formats can be exported to various formats for further purposes.

(ii) Surgery Simulation

Fracture reduction, osteotomy and other orthopaedic corrections can be simulated in virtual software environment. Planned screws and cutting planes can also be exported in DICOM format for navigation guided surgery.

(iii) Measurement and Analysis

Three-Dimensional geometric measurements, bone mineral density, Hounsfield units of each tiny region of the images can be measured for analysis. Joint alignments, fracture angles and other correction angles can be easily accessed. Measured data can be exported for further analyses.

(iv) Personalized Instrument and Implant Design

Personalized surgical instruments such as drill guides, templates and jigs can be designed according to specific surgical requirements. Since the raw material is biocompatible, products could be sterilized (Plasma Sterilization) in the Theatre Sterile Supply Unit (TSSU). With clinical and anatomical analyses, personalized implants like plates and prostheses can also be designed. The file can be exported for fabrication or further editing.

3. Planning Confirmation

Once the 3D documents of required parts, including bone models, tools and surgical instruments, are prepared, the applicant will be informed of the estimated printing volume and time.

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