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Computer Aided Surgical Modeling


1. Model / Instrument Manufacturing

CAOS technician will check the 3D documents before proceeding to the printing stage. If the documents are prepared by the applicant, further modification may be required until they are suitable for rapid prototyping.

** PC-ISO and ABS-M30i which are granted with the standards of ISO 10993 and USP Class VI, are the two major biocompatible materials for medical devices.

2. Quality Control

Products will be checked against the planned object softcopy to ensure the error is within 0.3mm. The applicant shall check and confirm if the manufactured products are in good condition by signing his receipt on the "Computer Aided Surgical Planning and Modeling Form".  

3. Sterilization

The applicant shall inform OLC at least 2 working days before the surgery date if the products required Plasma sterilization at TSSU.

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