2020 Hong Kong International Wrist Arthroscopy WEBSHOP & WEBINAR


Dr. PC Ho

Consultant & Chief of Service
Dept. of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Prince of Wales Hospital
Chief of Service
Dept. of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Tai Po Hospital
Division of Hand and Microsurgery, Prince of Wales Hospital
Clinical Professor (honorary)
Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
European Wrist Arthroscopy Society (EWAS) 2015-2016
Founding President
Asia Pacific Wrist Association (APWA) 2015-2017 

Message from Course Director

Dear friends,

COVID-19 outbreak has severely hampered life everywhere since January. Situation across the globe is still highly fluctuating and unpredictable. International travels are markedly limited. All the restrictions and uncertainty in life cast insurmountable hurdles to many planned events, including our annual wrist arthroscopy course.

Nevertheless, hand surgeons all shared a noble common spirit: NEVER GIVE UP!

With this spirit on and backed up by the strong tradition stemmed since 1997, we decide to make the Hong Kong course VIRTUAL FOR THE FIRST TIME!

The program starts with a one-day WEBINAR on 12 Dec 2020 (Saturday), combining thematic symposia centred around "WRIST ARTHRITIS", and clinical-radiological cases conferences on various conditions of chronic wrist pain. The webinar will be addressed by 12 renown international wrist experts from USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific, on top of the local faculty.

On 6 Feb 2021 (Saturday) will be a ground-breaking Advanced Wrist Arthroscopy WEBSHOP,  conducted by me and the hand team of the Prince of Wales Hospital. Audience around the world can watch and share the tips and tricks of many original techniques developed by our team in close distance under a freely interactive on-line environment.

We will also invite overseas experts to share their favourite wrist arthroscopic procedures with audience through the internet.

I hope you will find this programme innovative and exciting. Conventional wisdom always holds true: Whenever this is a crisis, there is an opportunity. We strongly believe that this special WEBINAR & WEBSHOP will be as good as our traditional seminar and workshop, if not better.

Please join us and you will agree with me.

Hope to see you in December on-line!

With best regards


Director, Hong Kong International Wrist Arthroscopy Seminar & Workshop 

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