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Orthopaedic Surgery is a fast-advancing and ever-expanding field.

The challenges to orthopaedic surgeons are to keep abreast with the cutting edge of knowledge in basic science and clinical practice, to master skills in sophisticated equipment and instruments, and communicate effectively with other healthcare professionals. 

The aim of our expertise is to provide a high standard of orthopaedic care to our community. The success of orthopaedic management, particularly surgery, lies on the teamwork of experienced surgeons, nurses and allied healthcare professionals, together with a number of support that are made available by the medical and related fraternities.

The first of its kind in Hong Kong, OLC was established on 26th April 1999 initially as an innovative and comprehensive training centre to provide facilities and expertise in training our surgeons. Through more than two decades of progressively innovative development, the 300-square meter-venue has been a designated centre for Hospital Authority (HA), Hong Kong College of Orthopaedic Surgeons (HKCOS) and some other orthopaedic related organizations, and has delivered comprehensive education to thousands and thousands of local and overseas participants.

Riding on the robust support from the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, we have our own publications, postgraduate programme (Master of Science in Musculoskeletal Medicine, Rehabilitation and Geriatric Orthopaedics) and Evidence-Based Orthopaedics (EBO) Clinical Education and Research Program. 

We strive to serve the needs and enhance the well-being of the patients of Hong Kong, China as a whole, and even the wider world community, with our motto to LEARN AND PRACTICE TO SERVE BETTER.

ISO9001 Certification

We have fulfilled the requirements of a quality management system, which ensures that our centre can demonstrate the abilities to provide the products that meet the needs of our customers consistently and also to enhance the customers' satisfaction through an effective application of the system.

The ISO 9001 certification would ensure that our centre has done the right job to the right person in an effective manner.  


Local  13,396
Overseas  4,161

Local  2,406
Overseas  980

Total  502

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