Bio-skill Laboratory

It is a newly-renovated wet lab for practicing surgical procedures and live surgical demonstration. Being equipped with lead wall, brand new 4K audio-video system, non-slipping floor, delocalized customized operating stations, together with a designated demonstration table with high-resolution wide-angled ceiling cameras for broadcasting, live cadaveric and animal dissection workshops, not limited to operation theatre relay and video conference can be held.  


Seminar Room

The 50-seat pleasant and soundproof meeting room being installed with 4K resolution system and e-voting system facilitates for multi-purposes with high privacy including but not limited to clinical and research presentation and surgical discussion.


Computer Assisted
Orthopaedics Laboratory

Being the first of its kind in Asia, this is perfect for preoperative surgery planning and hands-on training for computer-aided orthopaedic surgery. Surgical navigation system and patented image-guided navigation practice models are available for surgeons and surgical trainees to practice computer-simulated surgeries and implantations.


Computer Aided Surgical
Modeling Laboratory

CASML is a sophisticated laboratory equipped with a fused deposition modelling machine, which can manufacture bony models and personalized surgical instruments (PSI) for orthopaedic pre-operative planning, surgical trial, clinical application as well as research study. The biocompatible products can be sterilized according to the standard procedures in established hospitals.

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